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Steve Tyler is best known as a hurdy gurdy player, renowned for his rhythmic and inventive playing, and is equally at home with early music, traditional melodies or modern compositions. He has performed with such diverse artists as English folk singer Jackie Oates, German industrial/electronic musician F.M.Einheit and South African puppeteer John Roberts, and has played for theatrical productions (including Comus and Secret Theatre at The Globe’s Sam Wanamaker Playhouse), historical and traditional dances, mixed media performances and worked with storytellers Clive Fairweather and Dave Oliver.


For many years a performer of medieval music, his main interest is in patterns, rhythms, the interweaving of different parts and sonic structures, and to this end works on dark multitrack music mixing hurdy gurdies with dulcimer, reed organ, cittern and diverse instruments, inspired by patterns in nature, mathematics and the imagination.


He performs as a duo with Katy Marchant (bagpipes, recorder, shawm, voice) or with their band Woodwose, and is a member of trans-cultural collaboration Meridianum Ensemble.

photo Julian Warde

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